Helen Rosenkranz

Helen Rosenkranz’s abstract paintings combine careful compositions with a dense, unbridled visual language. She paints with a full palette and an unmoored light source. Her scenes have neither traditional depth nor gravity, with sky and ground blending into one another or often not present as distinct entities at all. The artist makes the most out of the fluidity of oil, her chosen medium, drawing out subtle shades of one color and allowing lights and darks to melt into each other. Helen’s elaborate compositions contain many roiling shapes, which seem to represent people, things, air, light, scents, and sounds. These forms follow gentle, organic contours. Among these shapes, she lightly sprinkles recognizable objects, such as a rose, a butterfly, or a person’s head. But the focus of her work is the sinuous matrix of lines and forms. She gives her paintings conceptual names like Entropy or The Beginning, or more often, still Untitled. Helen Rosenkranz was born in Moscow and today lives in the United States. She has been studying and creating art at the Snug Harbor Art Lab on Staten Island for over fifteen years.

[email protected]    (718) 928-5956